Fruits Herbarium Hand-Making Experience

~Have Fun with Lights and Fruits~


=What are herbariums?=

"Herbarium" is a word that means ‘plant specimen’, and refers to the method of storing dried plants and flowers in glass containers using special oils. At Mogitore, the fruits harvested from the orchards are dried and put together with dried flowers to create a beautiful interior that sparkles under light.

Come and make a fruit herbarium to commemorate your visit to Minakami Fruit Land Mogitore! It is recommended as an activity during the summer holidays.


Timeslots: 11a.m., 12p.m.,1 pm, 2pm, 3pm

No. of Participants: 10 participants per session

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: 1,200 yen


Pizza Hand-Making Experience

You can make your own original pizza using the seasonal ingredients of Minakami-cho!


Under preparation. Please look forward to it!