A cake made with fruits from the Mogitore farm.

A fruit cake that only a farm can make with a plenty of fresh fruits. As we use fresh fruit, the fruits change according to the season. We accept orders for cakes for celebration purposes.

Homemade gelato with fresh fruits & milk

Homemade gelato with Minakami’s fresh milk. We prepared a variety of flavors. 

Hot-plate lunch menu

There are 3 types of hot-plate menu. Enjoy this in our calm great nature.

Fruit picking set menu

Try our affordable set menus to enjoy both fruit picking and meals. The prices differ for different fruits, so please check out our fruit picking page for prices.

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<Barbecue set>

Fruit picking + barbecue + homemade gelato


The barbecue set consists of carefully selected pork, rice (Minakami’s Koshihikari) and french fries.

<Hamburger steak set>

Fruit picking + hamburger steak + homemade gelato


The hamburger steak set consists of hamburger steak, rice (Minakami’s Koshihikari) and french fries.

<Dessert set>

Fruit picking + dessert + drink + homemade gelato


Choose one desert from our “fresh fruit cake,” “homemade gelato,” and drink.

<Steak  set>

Fruit picking + steak + homemade gelato


The steak set consists of  steak, rice (Minakami’s Koshihikari) and french fries.

Restaurant & café

Enjoy fresh fruits, handmade desserts and barbecues.

Enjoy the taste of the season with your family or friends in with a seasonally-changing view over the fruit farm.


Garden restaurant

Enjoy a barbecue or a lunch here with a wonderful view over the farm.


  • Mogitore curry
  • Barbecue set, etc.

For group reservations of 10 people or more, please call us at 0278-64-2800.


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Fruit café

Enjoy our seasonal fresh cake and homemade gelato.


  • Fruit tart, round cake, sponge cake
  • Seasonal homemade gelato

For cakes for celebration purposes, please call us at 0278-64-2800.